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1 accelerate vt. (使)加速,增速 
【例】accelerate the rate of economic growth加速经济增长 
【派】acceleration n. 加速 accelerating a.加速的 
2 account n. 账户、考虑  【考】take sth. into account 考虑在内 
3 accustom vt.使习惯【考】be accustomed to 
4 adapt vi. 适应 【考】adapt to…适应 
5 adjust vi.适应【考】adjust to...适应 
6 advocate vt. 宣扬 
7 affluent a.富裕的【派】affluence n.富裕 
8 annoy vt.使烦恼, 使恼怒【派】annoying a. 令人恼人的;annoyance n. 烦恼; annoyed a.颇为生气的 
9 ascribe vt.归咎于【考】ascribe..to 归因于 
10 assess vt.评估【派】assessment n. 评估 
11 assign vt.指派,选派;分配,布置(作业)【派】assignment 作业 
12 assume vt.假象、假定 
13 attain vt.获得【考】attain one's ideal 达到理想 
14 attribute vt. 归因于【考】attribute sth. to ...归咎于 
15 attribute vt.归咎于【考】be attributed to / attribute sth. to … 
16 automatically ad. 自动地 
17 boost vt.提高,推动,使增长 n. 推动,增长 
【例】boost the economy 推动经济增长【派】booster n.支持者,推动器 
18 brilliant a.光辉的、辉煌的【派】brilliance n. 
19 collaborate vi.合作【考】collaborate with. sb. 
20 comprehensive a. 综合的【考】综合性大学 
21 conscious a. 有意识的【考】be conscious of sth. 有意识 
22conserve vt.保存、节省【考】conserve energy 保护能源 
23 considerate a. 考虑周到的 
24 contribute vt.贡献【考】contribute to 导致、带来、为贡献 
25 convenient a.方便的 n.convenience 方便 
26 convey vt.传达 
27 cooperate vt.合作【考】cooperative a.合作的 
28 coordinate vt.合作 
29 cultivate vt.培养 
30 derive vt. 出自、源于【考】derive from … 
31 despair vi.绝望; n. 绝望【考】despair of 绝望; sb. be in despair 某人处于绝望中 
32 disapprove vt. 不批准、不赞同【派】disapproval n. 不赞同【考】 express strong disapproval 
33 dismiss vt.撤销、免职【考】be dismissed by one's company 被公司解雇 
34 distinguish vt.辨别【派】distinguished a. 突出的 
35 distribute vt.分配、分发【考】distribution n.分配、分发 
36 dominate vt. 支配、统治【考】male-dominated society 男性主导社会 
37 embarrass vt.使窘迫, 使尴尬;【派】embarrassed a.(某人)尴尬的;embarrassment n. 沮丧embarrassing a. (某事)令人尴尬的 
38 employ vt. 雇佣;使用【考】in the employ of 受雇于【派】employer n. 雇主;employee n.雇员employment n. 雇佣, 工作 unemployment n. 失业 
39 engage vt. 从事、订婚【考】be engaged in sth. 从事 
40 enhance vt.加强 
41 enroll vt.注册、使入会  【派】enrollment 
42 evacuate vt. 撤走、疏散 
43 evaluate vt.评价、估计    【派】evaluation n. 
44 evaluate vt.评价、估计 
45 excessive a.过度的 
46 frustrate vt.使沮丧,使灰心【派】frustration n. 挫折; frustrating a.令人沮丧的 
47 genetic a.遗传的 
48 guarantee vt. 保证 
49 identify vt.鉴别、验明【考】idenfity theft 辨别偷窃 
50 immigrate vt. 移民【派】immigrant n.移民immigration 
51 implement vt.实施 【派】implementation n. 
52 incline vi.倾向【考】be inclined to do sth. 倾向于做某事 
53 inferior a.下级的、下等的【考】be inferior to 低级 
54 injure vt. 受伤 【派】injured a.受伤的; injury n. 受伤 
55 inquire vi. 询问 
56 instinct n.本能、直觉【考】human instinct 人类本能 
57 integrate vt. 使结合、使一体化【派】integral a.一体的;integration n.一体【考】as an integral whole 作为一个整体global economic integration 全球经济一体化 
58 internship n.实习 
59 inverse a.倒转的、反转的 
60 justify vt.证明是正当的 
61 launch vt. 发射、开展 【考】launch the spacecraft 发射飞船launch a movement 发起一项运动 
62 negative a.消极的 
63 notify vt.通知、告诉  【派】notification n. 
64 obligation n. 责任、义务 【考】legal obligation? 法律责任 
65 obstacle n.障碍 
66 optimistic a. 乐观的【考】be optimistic about sth.很乐观 
67 originate vt.产生【考】originate from 产生 
68 overcome vt.战胜, 克服【例】overcome difficulties 克服困难 
69 phenomenon n.现象 
70 positive a.积极的 
71 potential a.潜在的【考】potential customer 潜在客户 
72 preferable a. 更好的 
73 prevail vt.压倒、胜过【派】prevailling a. 流行的 
74 priority n. 优先【考】sth. is the top priority 优先考虑 
75 proceed vi.进行、着手 
76 prompt vt.刺激、推动【考】prompt sb. to do sth. 
77 proportion n.比例【派】proportional a.相应的、成比例的 
78 pursue vt. 追求【派】pursuit n. 追求【考】pursue one's dream 
79 qualify vt. (使)胜任,(使)具有资格【考】qualify for sth. 使具有的资格【派】qualification n.资格,条件;qualified a.有资格的 
80 recommend vt.推荐 
81 reference n.参考 
82 remind vt.提醒某人注意【考】be reminded of sth. 
83 relevant a. 有关的,切题的【考】be relevant to 有关【派】relevance n. 有关,相关;irrelevant a. 不相关的;不切题的 
84 restore vt. 恢复、修复【考】restore reputation 恢复名誉 
85 restrain vt.遏制【考】be restrained to do sth. 
86 resume n.简历 
87 reverse vt.颠倒、反转 
88 sacrifice vt.牺牲 
89 starvation n.饿死 
90 submit vt. 提交【考】submit sth. to sb. 提交给某人 
91 subsidy n.津贴、补助【考】provide subsidy for sb. 提供津贴 
92 superior a.高级的、高等的【考】be superior to 高级 
93 survive vt.幸免于【考】survive sth. 中幸免 
94 transmit vt. 传播 
95 tropical a.热带的 
96 undertake vt. 承担,着手做;保证,同意【考】undertake sth. 从事【派】undertaking n.事业,任务 
97 vanish vi. 消失 
98 victim n. 受害者 
99 visiable a.可看见的 
100 vision vt. 视力、眼光  



















1. hold sth to account 与….对证,核实  

2. admit to 许可,允许 

3. appear to 似乎,好像 

4. apply sth to sth 把…适用于… 

5. ask for 要求 

6. assure sb of sth 使某人确信某事 ensure sb to do sth 保证某人做某事 

7. attach importance to = pay/ call attention to 关注,重视 

8. be based on 以…为基础 

9. be bound to 肯定,一定 

10.when it comes to 当谈论到…,涉及到… 

11.be concerned with 担心,忧虑 

12.contribute to 促成,造就 

13.be content with 对…满意 

14.cut back 消减 

15.be convinced of/that 相信,认为 

16.cope with=deal with处理,克服 

17.daily routine 日常生活 

18.devote to 投身于,致力于 

19.have difficulty in doing sth 做….有困难 

20.end up sth with sth 用…结束… 

21.be engaged in 参与,从事 

22.elementary school 小学 

23.be equal to 等同于,相当于 

24.expose to 暴露,接触 

25.to some /a extent 从某种角度 

26.far from 一点也不,根本不 

27.fail to 没能做成… 

28.at fault 有责任,有错误 

29.federal authority 联邦政府 

30.be filled with 充满 

31.have to 必须得 

32.homeland security 国土安全 

33.be involved in 参与,从事 

34.be judged on 按…评判,判断 

35.lay stress on = focus on 强调,重视 

36.meet ones needs/standards 满足需要,符合标准 


38.oil drilling= oil tapping= oil exploitation 开采石油 

39.owing to/ due to / because of / thanks to 幸亏,由于,因为 

40.oppose to 反对 

41.make a point of 重视 

42.pay increases 加薪 

43.persuade sb to do sth 劝说 

44.pick up 捡起,接送,学习 

45.there is no question that 毫无疑问 

46.range from to…范围从…到… 

47.resort to 采取…方法,手段 

48.be responsible for 对…负责 

49.have roots in根源于,原因 

50.in the long run 从长远角度看 

51.see/view/regard/consider as 把…当作,看做… 

52.share ones opinion 同意...的观点 

53.have something to do with 和…有关 have nothing to do with 和…无关 

54.social ties 社会联系 

55.stop/prevent/keep sb from doing sth 阻止…..做….. 

56.strive to do 设法,努力 

57.tend to 常常 

58.in terms of 有关于,涉及到… 

59.volunteer to do sth 主动,志愿 

60.in the wake of sth …之后



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